Services Provided

  • Individual Adult
  • Children
  • Teens

Individual Therapy:  Individual psychotherapy can be a difficult process.  It gives you the opportunity to talk about your fears, struggles, relationships, and hopes and dreams.  I help individuals develop coping skills to decrease depression and anxiety, many times without the use of medication.  I help my clients develop concrete tools to use in dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, and frustrations.  Individual sessions are 50 minutes and are usually held once a week.  However, we may decide to increase or decrease the frequency of sessions depending on the presenting issue.

Children’s Therapy:  Children have many feelings and often express them indirectly,  nonverbally, and in play.   We see this with emotional difficulties that lead to sadness, anger, acting out, tantrums, or anxiety-driven behaviors that parents and families find difficult.  Children can learn coping and social skills so that they are better able to interact with siblings, friends, peers, and adults. When working with children, parents are an integral part of the treatment.  Parenting is difficult, and oftentimes parents can learn new ways to improve communication,  parenting and discipline ideas, helping  you become more attuned and connected to your child.  Sessions are 50 minutes and are held weekly.

Teens Therapy:  The teen years can be a very difficult and challenging time for both the teen and his/her family.   Dealing with the transition between childhood and adulthood and issues such as the struggle for independence, peer pressure, emerging identity, and the beginning of puberty with hormonal changes, brings many new issues to family members and can intensify existing issues. You want your teen to do well, be successful, have quality friends, and have a happy, productive life and future.  There are a lot of obstacles and daily stressors, that are difficult to address and tackle.  I enjoy working with teens and feel like I am able to relate and connect with them.  I help you understand and connect with your teen.  I feel that parents sometimes need an objective ear to consult during these stressful, emotional ups and downs.   Teen sessions are 50 minutes and are  weekly.

Group:  Being a member of a group can often increase your insight into your own emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.   The group setting provides emotional support that can lead to connectedness, improved feelings, and empowerment.

Kitty Cleary Adamovic, RN, MS
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist