Self Assessment

The self test below is designed to help determine whether you could benefit from working with a therapist. If you have had, or are having, any of the experiences described below, I would recommend seeking the help of a trained professional.

1.  I frequently have difficulty concentrating at school or at work.
2.  I am currently in a relationship in which I experience painful emotions.
3.  My relationship is unsatisfying, but I can’t seem to break away.
4.  I feel sad, unhappy, or down most days.
5.  Experiences I used to enjoy are no longer enjoyable.
6.  I find myself sleeping too much (or too little).
7.  I have trouble sleeping at night.
8.  I feel agitated; I cannot sit still.
9.  I experience feelings of worthlessness.
10. I have recurrent thoughts of death, dying or suicide.
11. Important activities/responsibilities in my life are suffering because of alcohol and/or drug use.
12. I feel extreme unease/apprehension about a variety of situations and experiences.
13. I am unable to reassure myself.
14. I am easily restless, fatigued, irritable or tense.
15. I have feelings of extreme fear that interfere with my life.
16. I often avoid social interaction.
17. I have a hard time keeping certain persistent thoughts from popping into my head.
18. My self image is tied to how much I weigh.
19. I worry obsessively about becoming overweight or fat.
20. I worry that the people I care about will abandon me.
21. I feel empty most of the time.
22. I feel like I need advice or reassurance before I do anything.
23. I willingly relinquish control of my life to others.
24. I fear I’ll lose those close to me if I disagree with them.

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